Albert Einstein Quotes

Albert Einstein is one of the most celebrated scientists of all time-and oftentimes he's viewed as eccentric. Nevertheless, despite his weirdness, there's one thing that we've not got from him: his mind. What better way to celebrate his genius than through different Einstein quotes.

The Lesson from Einstein Quotes

Indeed, more than the theory of relativity and several mathematical equations, Einstein left a mouthful for us to share to everyone: the Einstein quotes. And with variety of great lessons we can derive from them, surely, we wouldn't mind being overly generous:

Einstein teaches us about peace. A lot of people assumed that because he's a scientist, he lived in seclusion. Though this is partly true, the Einstein quotes will tell us that he was never really afraid to speak his mind. He has very strong views on politics, most especially on peace. He wanted to advocate peace and order in different parts of the world, considering that he'd lived through the horrors brought by World War II.

Einstein gives us a different view of fear and death. There are some Einstein quotes that will show us how much he loved life and yet how much he embraced the possibility of dying anytime and anywhere. And because he knew that he had a surprising influence to the world, he was gracious enough to share his views on this matter through his inspirational sayings.

He shows us that gossip doesn't take you anywhere. Einstein would have never attained the status he enjoyed when he was alive if he had entertained gossips about him or about other people. For him, there are three things that are important: work, play, and keeping your mouth shut.

He gives us a whole new meaning about patriotism. Einstein quotes can inform us of the basic formula for patriotism, and it doesn't include violence and mandatory offering of one's life for one's country. For him, it should come from the bottom portion of your heart, and the passion to protect your fellowmen should push you to make the ultimate sacrifice.

He adds importance to life and living. Albert Einstein doesn't only care about space, Earth, or molecular structures. More than anything else, he put great emphasis to the value of human life and its role with respect to the universe. He could discuss about a human person' frailties, but never failed to also mention about his victories, strengths, and uniqueness-things that make us kings and queens among living things.

Einstein quotes show us Albert's love for God. Einstein would often describe himself as agnostic, but deep inside, he's one great lover of God. He believed in the Almighty's great influence on people's lives and that one can attain enlightenment when he had already given up his selfish desires. He also stressed that science and religion are two independent things but are complementary to each other.

Albert Einstein quotes will be something that will help us get by each day-and more important perhaps than all the scientific theories you can ever learn from him.

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