Quotes About Happiness

Happiness is a psychogenic state of human beings, this is summarized by positive emotions including sense of satisfaction and joyance. A quote about happiness goes: "Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed". A variety of approaches have been used to give a definition to happiness and find its sources.

Now that direct measurement of happiness faces many challenges, a variety of methods have been invited by researchers interested in everything about happiness. Theoretical models are used by positive psychology researchers to make further findings about happiness. Those methods include regarding happiness as collection of positive feelings and positive behaviors. And it give a definition to happiness about three kinds: pleasure, that is positive sensory feeling, participation, in other words, taking part in somebody's family, work, and so on, and significance, which means using his or her own efforts to gain some achievements.

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Research has found a lot of attributes that have connection with happiness: first of all, the relationship with others and interaction with society. If a person is outgoing and has a close relationship with his friends and the society, he is likely to feel happy in his daily life. Secondly, the marital situation. It will be easier to feel happy when a person's married life is sweet. Thirdly, employment. A man who has a good job and does well in his job is prone to feel happy in daily life. Fourthly, health. Research finds that the healthier people are, the more likely they feel happy. Of course there are many other aspects, such as democratic freedom, hope, endorphins released through physical exercise and eating chocolate, taking part in religion activity, income and being closed to other happy people. Through the release of alleged happiness hormones, happiness is mediated.

Other researchers like philosophers and religious thinkers often take happiness as terms of living a wonderful life, or living a meaningful life, instead of simply as an emotion. The meaning of happiness, in older mind, was used to translating the Greek Eudaimonia, and now it is still used in virtue ethics.