Quotes About Friends

Friends are need of life and quotes about friendship, love and care teach us about the depth/value of relationship. These quotations let us know benefits of having friends in life. Everyone keeps friends and company of these people make our life more pleasurable. Everyone likes hanging our with friends. They understand what we like and what makes us happy. They even do the things they don't like, just for the sake of our mood.

Any tour or any journey becomes boring without the company of lovely mates. Imagine, you are going to hill station alone, how awkward will you feel? Of course without friends, you can not enjoy or can not do what you wish for. Friends are like motivator for us. They accept us with our faults and come with us, whenever we need them.

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The qualities of a true partner are really very unique. Quotations and sayings are mostly used for giving the example of their qualities. I personally don't feel at ease in any occasion without my cronies. There are many places or events where the presence of friends is must because there would be no fun or pleasure without them.

The quotation like "Friends are the relatives we choose for ourselves" is so true. Below are the situations where you miss the friends most.

At Your school:

Schooling without friends is impossible. Actually, schools are the origin point of friendship. It is the place where we start our learning and make lots of friends. Our study, learning and playing become more significant with mates.

At Social parties:

Parties means fun and it is incomplete without buddies. You can dance and play with them. It makes the occasion more enjoyable.

On your travel trips:

Travel trips become very boring and uninteresting if you don't have any one to accompany you. You wish for your mate to be there with you. On your way, you can chat and discuss lots of important things. It makes the event more meaningful.

We meet lots of people on daily basis but friends are the people whom we like most. Our understanding match with their thinking. Friendship quotes has been written to teach us about the value of true people. There is an element of care and love between them. I must say that the he/she is the most poorest person who has no friends. It is the worst thing in the world to live without friends. These people are always there to support us in all circumstances without any self-interest.